Throwing Eid Parties in Mesa

Enjoy the end of Ramadan and the Eid celebration with a Mesa Eid party. Lots of American Muslims love to throw Eid parties to celebrate religion, connect with family, and enjoy delicious food.

How Can Party Planners Help?

In previous years you may have been content attending other Eid parties. This year, throw your own! Party planners in Mesa can help you put together all the details. If you want a traditional theme, a fancy party, or something else entirely, Lily Of The Valley Events LLC has the expertise to help you host the bash of your dreams.

Eid Party Themes

Some Eid party themes you might want to think about include:

  • Classic and crisp, with muted colors
  • Bright and funky
  • Based on the traditions of an Islamic country
  • Seasonal, like spring or fall
  • Taste-centric

Whatever you're going for, we can help. From tablecloths to place settings and music choices to party games, we have plenty of ideas for your Eid celebration.

The Perfect Eid Food Choices

You might want traditional Muslim dishes for your Eid party. Maybe you feel like going fancy, or maybe you just want to celebrate by offering everyone's favorite dishes. Let us help you find a caterer or a vendor who will cook everything to perfection.

Eid Table Decor

Because your Eid party centers around food, make the table central to your Eid decorations. We'll help you coordinate centerpieces, place settings, and even name cards if you'd like. Set aside a separate children's table with its own accessories and theme. The kids will love it, and the adults will enjoy having some alone time.

Kid Activities for Eid

When families and friends get together for Eid, you always end up with a group of kids. Plan some special games and activities to keep them occupied and having fun. Use our help to set up scavenger hunts, team games, or themed activities for the little ones.

What Type of Party Planner Do I Need?

How much help do you need with your Eid holiday party? Whether a little or a lot, the party planners at Lily Of The Valley Events LLC will offer the level of assistance you require for the best party.

A Planner for Everything

Can't imagine planning this Eid party by yourself? We've got this. Have a meeting with our planners, look through portfolios, and tell us your budget. We'll turn what's in your imagination into a budget-friendly reality. If you don't have many ideas, that's no problem. Our professionals have more than enough inspiration to share.

A Little Help on the Day

Don't need much from us? That's fine, too! Let us help you organize your event the day it happens. We'll send a planner over to make sure your party goes off without a hitch.

Call for Eid Holiday Party Planning Assistance

Planning an Eid party in Mesa? Our party planners are here to offer consultations. Take some of the pressure off yourself by engaging the professionals at Lily Of The Valley Events LLC. We offer you our expertise in planning your stellar and perfect Eid party.