Throw Your Henna Party in Mesa

Henna parties are a cherished aspect of many Hindu and Muslim weddings, but they're also becoming a popular option for bridal showers regardless of the bride's religious affiliation.

Henna is a longstanding tradition that dates back to Ancient Egypt. Applying henna is an art designated for celebrations and rites of passage. Henna designs are essentially temporary tattoos that serve different purposes depending on the culture.

For Hindu weddings, the bride is adorned with henna to symbolize her spiritual awakening, beauty, and joy. In Morocco, henna is said to bring prosperity. Although henna tattoos are temporary, they will last between one and three weeks, which is why many modern brides are turning to henna parties as a way to prepare for the wedding ceremony.

How Can an Event Planner Help Throw a Henna Party?

At Lily Of The Valley Events LLC, we pride ourselves on our fun and memorable henna party planning, which is a service few professional planners offer. We can recommend the most talented henna artists in Mesa and propose ways in which you can incorporate henna tattooing into your event.

Best of all, you don't have to reserve a henna party for wedding-related events. A henna tattoo party is perfect for:

  • Milestone birthday celebrations, including Sweet Sixteens and QuinceaƱeras.
  • A special girls-only day
  • Mother's Day
  • Garden parties
  • Family reunions

You can incorporate henna tattooing into just about any informal event. Even men will enjoy showing off the intricate designs on their forearms, shoulders, or chests.

Bridal Henna Party Planning

Since henna parties are traditionally thrown at bridal parties, here are a few ways we can help you plan your traditional henna event.

  • Invite your closest gal pals. Lily Of The Valley Events LLC will help manage your guest list and ensure each guest receives her henna party invitation on time.
  • Decide on your color and theme. Since many henna parties are incorporated into the bridal shower, bachelorette party, or pre-wedding spa day, we can incorporate your wedding colors and theme to maintain cohesion. We can also go with a Moroccan-themed party!
  • Serve an on-theme menu. If you decide to throw a classic Moroccan henna party, why not serve traditional Moroccan food? Or, if you're celebrating your Indian culture, create a menu reflecting your family's favorite dishes. Lily Of The Valley Events LLC will help you create the perfect menu and hire the best caterers in Mesa.
  • Hire the artist. The henna artist is the most important service provider attending your party. If you don't have a henna artist among your family and friends, we can help find one for you.
  • Hire a photographer or videographer. No henna tattoo party is complete without lasting mementos! The right photographer or videographer will capture the beauty and joy of your henna party.

Contact Lily Of The Valley Events LLC to Learn More About Our Henna Party Planning Services

Don't put off your henna party planning any longer. Consult with the experts to make sure you've got everything you need to impress your guests with beautiful temporary art. Call Lily Of The Valley Events LLC today to set up your consultation.