Bris Ceremonies in Scottsdale

When your adorable little mensch reaches his eighth day, the bris party you've planned should reflect both the gravity of the ceremony and the joyous celebration of a new life. Though he is young, your son is taking an important step in his Jewish faith. It's a time for festivities, so be sure to make his bris memorable!

Choosing a Location for Your Brit Milah

If your child has not been discharged, yet is healthy enough to undergo the procedure, there's no reason why you can't hold the bris at the hospital. Your mohel will be working in a clean and sterile environment, so health safety won't be a concern. You won't be able to have many guests present, however, and the hospital would need to be involved in making any arrangements for post-circumcision festivities.

If your son is healthy, it's considered perfectly safe to do the surgery in your Scottsdale home by a qualified mohel. After all, your newborn is adjusting to many changes at once, and taking him to a new location might frighten him. This is why the child's home is the most likely place for the bris celebration. Your synagogue is another choice if you don't mind transporting your child.

Preparing for the Bris Party

Everyone knows that food is a gift from God and central to any Jewish celebration. How much food to arrange depends on how many guests you have. Though no one is really "invited" to a bris, since attending one is considered a mitzvah, you should still have a good idea of how many people will be attending. Be sure to notify guests that live outside Scottsdale well in advance, so they can make travel plans. Consider a Lily Of The Valley Events LLC party planner for larger events.

Traditional Jewish foods, such as bagels and lox, matzo ball soup, gefilte fish, and latkes are all good choices, but it's become increasingly common to serve other types of food, too. For larger galas, consider bringing in a caterer. You may even arrange a potluck, especially if you're first-time parents and have other things on your mind.

Decorating the space will help provide better visuals for your photos. Consult the experts at Lily Of The Valley Events LLC. They can provide bris party ideas, rental tables and chairs, tableware, bunting, candles, and everything else you need for a lively and festive celebration. Flowers are a delightful way to spruce up your event space, so contact a Scottsdale florist that will deliver and set up on the morning of your bris. Busy parents should have a close friend or relative arrange the details.

Capturing Memories of Your Bris Celebration

You'll likely be having too much fun to fully document the bris celebration yourself. Many guests will be meeting the new baby for the first time. Therefore, it's a good idea to bring in some outside help. A good photographer is critical, as well as a Jewish calligrapher who can create a certificate commemorating the bris. Your mohel and rabbi most likely know of several in the Scottsdale area.

Once in a Lifetime

A bris is an important event that happens once in a lifetime. The experts at Lily Of The Valley Events LLC can provide advice, supplies, rentals, and everything else you need to make your bris a beautiful event with memories that will last forever.